We. Are. Giants.

“The person who is just and resolute will not be moved from his settled purpose, either by the misdirected rage of his fellow citizens or by the threats of an imperious tyrant.” Continue reading


In these times…

A couple of months ago, I wrote the following statement, printed it, and posted it on the door to my classroom: American ideals are valued and practiced in this classroom. Regardless of your national origin, religious beliefs, racial identity, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship status, socioeconomic background, ability, or any other characteristic, you are welcome, … Continue reading

Sisyphus Does Not Stop

Over the years, and perhaps no more so than this year, a number of national and global events have impacted the tone of our discourse, how we feel about ourselves and the world around us, and the obstacles we face as educators.  In some shape or form, many of these issues have found their way … Continue reading

The Wisdom of Students

As we brace ourselves for what undoubtedly will be an interesting week (weeks? months? years?) with the 2016 Presidential election, I wanted to share some words of wisdom from my students. These were developed in my Sociology course as we finished up a series of lessons on personality development and the stages of life. In … Continue reading

Now More Than Ever…

The phrase, “now more than ever,” is too often overused, almost to the point where it carries little emotional weight and never quite has the impact its author or speaker intended. It has become a halfhearted clarion call and an overwrought declaration of a potential seminal moment that is never fully realized. I have been … Continue reading

This Is What I Am

This originally appeared as a CTQ guest blog post that highlights the key findings of my doctoral dissertation.  It was even highlighted by Sir Ken Robinson!   This is What I Am Despite the many changes taking places in education and their attendant stresses and challenges on teachers and schools, teachers are poised to uplift … Continue reading

Sandy Hook Shows Teachers’ Enduring Values

This op-ed originally appeared in the Hartford Courant on December 18th, 2012: I have spent much of this year imploring educators to never again say that we are “just” teachers. Because of the tremendously vital work that educators carry out on a daily basis, I have spoken and written about the need to enhance the … Continue reading

Reflections on a Year in Education

Since being named the 2012 Connecticut Teacher of the Year, I have been both humbled and empowered by this incredible honor.  It has allowed me not only to further reflect on my teaching and educational beliefs, but to better realize the need for teachers to be active, visible, and powerful advocates and educational leaders in … Continue reading